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More Than Rs 10 Crore Loss On EGE

Written By Indiagreat .in on Monday, 17 October 2016 | 12:57:00

Anil Sunkara within a very short span of time has made a name for himself as a notable producer in Tollywood.
Dookudu which he produced in the banner of 14 Reels Entertainment along with two other partners is his biggest hit to date. Since then however, things have not exactly been rosy for him.
He also produced and directed a movie called Action 3D with Allari Naresh which turned out to be a disaster. And now, he has produced another film with Sunil in the lead role, directed by Veeru Potla, Eedu Gold Ehe.
Despite having a couple of great songs, the movie has tanked at the box-office and industry sources say that Anil Sunkara has lost more than Rs 10 crore on the movie.
Now that is indeed a staggering amount for a movie of that scale. But, if true to rumours, Anil Sunkara did ghost direct the movie himself by sidelining Veeru Potla, then he has only himself to blame for the debacle.

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