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Director Who Proposed To Bhanu Priya

Written By Indiagreat .in on Wednesday, 19 October 2016 | 08:59:00

There were several rumours doing rounds about the relationship between popular Telugu film director Vamsi and senior actress Bhanu Priya.
Vamsi had produced several classics like Sitara, Anveshana and Alaapana with Bhanu Priya in the lead role. All of them were all time hits. Though there were heroes in these films, it was Bhanu Priya who had dominated the script in Vamsi’s films.
So, it was not surprising when there were rumours that Vamsi had fallen in love with Bhanupriya. There were also reports that Vamsi had even neglected his career because of his fascination for Bhanu Priya.
However, nobody knows what had happened later, but both of them did not work together subsequently.
Interestingly, Bhanu Priya responded to these rumours now. In an interview, she said Vamsi had proposed to marry her, but did not reveal what her response was to the proposal.
She, however, said her mother had not given her consent for the marriage, because Vamsi had already been married by that time. May be it would have been a different situation had he not been married.
Anyhow, Bhanu Priya has now openly confirmed the gossips doing rounds those days about the relationship between her and Vamsi. In fact, even Vamsi has been writing positively about Bhanu Priya in his memoirs, describing her as a talented actress

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