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Yes, I was offered ‘Vedalam’ Telugu remake, says Santosh Srinivas

Written By Indiagreat .in on Friday, 30 September 2016 | 15:02:00

Two  years after the debacle of ‘Rabhasa,’ Santosh Srinivas is back with ‘Hyper,’ starring his ‘Kandireega’ hero Ram. He admits that if you deliver a dud, you have to wait for another chance. “That’s the way industry operates.  However, nobody distanced me as I’m in the good books of Ravi Teja, Allu Arjun and Sai Dharam Tej. They are ready to do a film with me. It’s just that I have to approach them with a good script,” he says.

But why Ram again? He could have gone to the aforementioned actors, right? “Besides Ram, two other heroes okayed ‘Hyper’ script. But we wanted someone to give us dates immediately and Ram was ready to do that.”

He insists that like his earlier two films, ‘Hyper’ too is a full-on commercial entertainer peppered with action, comedy and romance in equal proportions. “It’s a sequence of events of how a son (played by Ram) reacts when his doting day (Satyaraj) is embroiled in a problem,” he says, refusing to share more about the plot. “After Ram endorsed the storyline, the script was fleshed out accordingly to suit his body language.”

Srinivas is extremely happy to see Ram evolving as an actor. “I was surprised to see him giving a very disciplined performance in ‘Nenu.. Sailaja…’ He has matured a lot as an actor and that helped ‘Hyper’ big time. He can balance both sensible and commercial cinema, but for me he is always a commercial hero,” he beams.

Even before he took ‘Hyper’ on to sets, there were reports that he would be directing ‘Vedalam’ Telugu remake for Pawan Kalyan.  

Released last year, the Ajith-starrer was a smash hit at the TN box-office. Santosh admits that he was indeed offered the project. “Yes, I was offered the remake,” he drawls, hesitating to reveal more. “But I was committed to do ‘Hyper’ for 14 Reels Entertainment. I don’t know the status of ‘Vedalam’ remake as of now.”

Next up, while he wants to take a break for 15 days as he has been working round the clock for the past three months, hardly getting time for a breather, he is keen on directing the Hindi version of ‘Hyper’. “I couldn’t do ‘Kandireega’ Hindi remake back then despite the insistence of Balaji Motion Pictures but I’m ready to remake ‘Hyper’ in Hindi,” he declares, signing off.

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