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Why Is KCR Sitting In Delhi When City Is In Shambles?

Written By Indiagreat .in on Saturday, 24 September 2016 | 10:16:00

At a time when the entire Telangana state and more particularly the so-called world-class city of Hyderabad is totally ravaged by heavy rains, the absence of chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has become a subject of strong criticism.
One reason as to why KCR is sitting in Delhi when Hyderabad is flooded is that the entire Begumpet area where his residence is located is in chaos and there are huge floods around the camp office. Yet, that should not be the reason for a chief minister, who has to personally monitor the situation.
"KCR, along with Chief Secretary Dr Rajiv Sharma is conveniently sitting in New Delhi to make representations with the Centre for increase in Assembly seats. While the entire Hyderabad is in chaos due to rain fury, KCR is still thinking only about politics.
He wants the MLA seats to be increased to accommodate leaders whom he lured from different parties into TRS offering posts. He should be ashamed of himself for this kind of insensitive approach towards tragedies," Congress leader Md Ali Shabbir said.
He said that the Chief Minister should have returned to Hyderabad immediately after learning about huge damages caused due to heavy rains. It takes just two hours to return from Delhi to Hyderabad and more than 20 flights operate daily on this route. If required, he should have hired a chartered flight. It is ridiculous to say that the Chief Minister was monitoring the situation from New Delhi, he said.
Shabbir Ali said the Chief Minister heads the Telangana Disaster Management Authority and his absence in the hour of crisis was highly condemnable.
Demanding that KCR should immediately return to Hyderabad, he said that many affected areas need immediate help.
He said since the power supply in areas which got inundated has been snapped, they need emergency lights, candles or lanterns. Food and safe drinking water also needs to be supplied to them.
The decisions to call Army, RAF and para-military forces for relief measures also needs to be taken and ensuring coordination between various departments could be done only in the presence of Chief Minister.

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