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Traffic Rules Get Stricter in Hyderabad

Written By Indiagreat .in on Tuesday, 27 September 2016 | 21:18:00

Traffic Rules in Hyderabad are going to get stricter. Telangana Government has brought out a G.O. tightening the screws on those violating the Traffic Rules. The G.O. Number 80 will give an extent of Two Years imprisonment to those who violates the rules. The authorities will be implementing Point System for the violators. For every violation, Two Points will be added to the account of the violator and when the points go more than 12 Points, the Driving License of the violator will be canceled and they will be also entitled to imprisonment of about Two Years.

The state government says that the rules are tightened only to increase the responsibility of the people. Strict Rules are important for a city like Hyderabad with traffic and vehicles increasing by leaps and bounds every month. However, the authorities have to be cautious while exercising these rules as any over indulgence will amount to harassment of the people and that will bring a bad name to the state government as well.

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